Canine Agility Association
of Nova Scotia



CAANS has a number of ribbons for the various levels of accomplishment from AAC trials. These ribbons are offered to anyone (CAANS or non-CAANS members) who obtain the final Q for any of these titles at a CAANS trial. While it's always nice to award these ribbons on the day you achieved the title, we know that many people aren't aware of the title until they receive a certificate from AAC. If you are owed a ribbon for a title earned at a CAANS trial please let Veronica know at the next trial.

CAANS would like to make sure that you get ribbons that you deserve.
Below is the list of AAC titles that we have ribbons for:

  • Agility Dog of Canada (ADC)
  • Starters Games Dog of Canada (SGDC)
  • Advanced Agility Dog of Canada (AADC)
  • Advanced Games Dog of Canada (AGDC)
  • Masters Agility Dog of Canada (MADC)
  • Masters Gamblers Dog of Canada (MGDC)
  • Masters Jumpers Dog of Canada (MJDC)
  • Masters Snooker Dog of Canada (MSDC)
  • Agility Trial Champion of Canada (ATChC)
  • Masters Steeplechase Dog of Canada (MSCDC)
  • Masters Team Relay Dog of Canada (MTRDC)

NOTE: There are a number of patches still available, so in some cases you can choose between a patch or a ribbon


  • Expert Steeplechase Bronze
  • Expert Steeplechase Silver
  • Expert Steeplechase Gold


  • Expert Challenge Bronze
  • Expert Challenge Silver
  • Expert Challenge Gold

EXPERT for each Masters class

  • Expert Standard Bronze
  • Expert Jumpers Bronze
  • Expert Snooker Bronze
  • Expert Gamblers Bronze
  • Expert Team Relay Bronze
  • Expert Standard Silver
  • Expert Jumpers Silver
  • Expert Snooker Silver
  • Expert Gamblers Silver
  • Expert Team Relay Silver
  • Expert Standard Gold
  • Expert Jumpers Gold
  • Expert Snooker Gold
  • Expert Gamblers Gold
  • Expert Team Relay Gold


  • Versatility Bronze
  • Versatility Silver
  • Versatility Gold
  • Versatility Lifetime

Post ATChC Titles

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Lifetime