Canine Agility Association
of Nova Scotia

Membership Information

The sport of agility is open to all dogs, without regard to breed or registration, mentally and physically capable of performing the challenge of negotiating an agility course. Mixed breeds, pure breeds, registered and unregistered dogs are all welcome.


For anyone wishing to join CAANS as a new members, please contact the CAANS Secretary for information about the club.

Registration Renewal Form

* For new members: An assessment may be required for admittance to join CAANS. If required, a CAANS appointed assessor will evaluate the dog and handler to ensure safety while using equipment during training times. A one-time initiation fee will be charged for each new member (currently $120), as well as the yearly CAANS membership fee of ($30 single / $50 family).

Please contact the CAANS Secretary for information on whether an assessment is required.