Canine Agility Association
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Open Training Sessions
Code of Conduct

The following is a list of expectations for proper conduct by members while attending the open training sessions held at the barn (MacKenzie Centre). These sessions are held Thursday evenings from April to November and Saturday afternoons from January to March.

  1. Only 1 dog is to be on a piece of equipment at a time. Also, equipment will be divided into modules and only 1 dog is to be running a module at a time. Please take turns with other handlers.
  2. Any dogs who do not have a good recall and will leave the handler to “visit” other dogs must be kept on a leash or long line. All dogs must be under the handler’s control at all times.
  3. Any dogs with aggression issues towards other dogs or people MUST be kept on leash at all times. Aggression incidents can result in a referral to the Discipline Committee for review and disciplinary action as set out in the CAANS by-laws. Remember, barn nights are for the use of all CAANS members and everyone should feel that it is safe to bring their dogs to practice and that they will not be attacked or harassed by out of control dogs.
  4. Equipment that is stored in the stall at the back end of the barn is for “Trial Use Only” and is not to be used for practice. Other “barn equipment” is available for that purpose. Also, do not take any equipment out of the storage room as this is set aside for trial use only.
  5. The last people at the barn are responsible for moving the equipment off to the sides of the barn, turning out the lights and locking the barn.
  6. If your dog’s time slot is the first one at 7:00 pm, you are asked to arrive early (ie. 6:45 pm) to assist with equipment set-up. One person will be responsible for opening the barn and co-ordinating set-up but we need others to help with the actual moving and set up of the equipment.

Please do not let your dog eliminate (urinate or defecate) in the barn. If an accident does occur please use the cleaner available in the warm room to clean up and eliminate the odor.

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