August 22, 2019

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2019 Event Menu

Trial Date Org Host Club Location Premium
March 09UKIFor the love of dogNew Dominion PEPremium
April 06/07AACFetch IncStellarton NSPremium
April 13/14UKI
Atlantic Spring Classic
RedLine AgilityAmherst NSPremium
May 04/05AACCAANSLantz NSPremium
May 11/12AAC NS RegionalFetch Inc.Stellarton NSPremium
May 18UKIRedLine AgilityAmherst NSPremium
May 25/26AACCAANSNSPremium
June 01/02UKIAtlantic Spring CupStellarton NSPremium
June 07/08/09AACK9 KapersNBPremium
June 08/09AACUDSCTruro NSPremium
June 22/23AACNB/PE RegionalNBPremium
June 22/23AAC
Peck MeadowWolfville NSPremium
June 29/30UKIDPF Leading AgilitySt Johns NFPremium
June 30AACFor the love of dogNew Dominion PEPremium
July 05/06/07AACFASTSussex NBPremium
July 06UKIDPF Leading AgilitySt Johns NFTBD
July 07AACPeck MeadowWolfville NSPremium
July 13/14ACCStay N PlayTruro NSPremium
July 19/20/21AACK9 KapersNBPremium
July 20/21AACPeck MeadowWolfville NSPremium
July 28AACFetch IncDartmouth NSPremium
August 02/03/04AACFASTSussex NBPremium
August 10AACPeck MeadowWolfville NSPremium
August 11AACFetch IncDartmouth NSPremium
August 15/16/17/18AACAAC NationalsBarrie ONTBD
August 18AACFetch IncDartmouth NSPremium
August 24/25
2 Days Away
AACPeck MeadowWolfville NSPremium
August 30/02
8 Days Away
UKIUKI Canadian OpenStellarton NSPremium
September 06/07/08
15 Days Away
AACK9 KapersNBPremium
September 07/08
16 Days Away
September 14/15
23 Days Away
AACPeck MeadowWolfville NSPremium
September 21/22
31 Days Away
AACStay N PlayTruro NSPremium
September 28
37 Days Away
UKIRedLine AgilityAmherst NSTBD
September 28/29
37 Days Away
CKCMoncton Kennel ClubNew Dominion PEPremium
October 05/06
44 Days Away
AACUDSCTruro NSPremium
October 19/20
58 Days Away
November 02/03
72 Days Away
UKIAtlantic Fall CupStellarton NSTBD

Total Number of Trials Listed is 37

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- Indicates the event will occur in the future

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