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Canine Agility Association
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2018 Event Menu

Trial Date Org Host Club Location Premium
January 20Fun MatchPark Your PawsAmherst NSPremium
February 17Fun MatchPark Your PawsAmherst NSPremium
March 17Fun MatchPark Your PawsAmherst NSPremium
March 31/01AACFetch Inc.Stellarton NSPremium
April 07UKIRed Line AgilityAmherst NSPremium
April 28/29AACCAANSTruro NSPremium
May 05UKIRed Line AgilityAmherst NSPremium
May 05/06UKINADALogy Bay NLPremium
May 12/13AACUDSCTruro NSPremium
May 19/20AACNS RegionalTruro NSPremium
June 03Fun MatchPeck MeadowWolfville NSPremium
June 01/02/03AACK9 KapersNBPremium
June 02/03UKIAtlantic Spring CupStellarton NSPremium
June 09/10AACCAANSEnfield NSPremium
June 09/10AACNB/PE RegionalNBPremium
June 10AACDPF Leading AgilitySt. John's NLPremium
June 16AACNL RegionalSt. John's NLPremium
June 16/17AACStay N PlayTruro NSPremium
June 17AACDPF Leading AgilitySt. John's NLPremium
June 23/24AACPeck MeadowWolfville NSPremium
June 29/30/01AACFor the Love of Dog!PEPremium
June 30/01UKIFor the Love of Dog!PEPremium
July 06/07/08AACFASTSussex NBPremium
July 08AACPeck MeadowWolfville NSPremium
July 13/14/15AACLittle River Dog SportsSalisbury NBPremium
July 14/15AACStay N PlayTruro NSPremium
July 21/22AACPeck MeadowWolfville NSPremium
July 21AACDPF Leading AgilitySt. John's NLPremium
July 22UKIDPF Leading AgilitySt. John's NLTBD
July 27AACFetch Inc.Dartmouth NSPremium
August 05Fun MatchPeck MeadowWolfville NSPremium
August 11AACPeck MeadowWolfville NSPremium
August 16/17/18/19AACAAC NationalsMaxville ONTBD
August 17AACFetch Inc.Dartmouth NSPremium
August 24AACFetch Inc.Dartmouth NSPremium
August 24/25/26AACFASTSussex NBPremium
August 25/26AACNADASt. John's NLPremium
September 1/2AACStay N PlayTruro NSPremium
September 1/2CKCHKCLantz NSPremium
September 07/08/09AACK9 KapersNBPremium
September 08/09AACCAANSEnfield NSPremium
September 13/14/15/16UKIUKI Canadian Open Ponoka ABTBD
September 15/16AACPeck MeadowWolfville NSPremium
September 22/23AACLittle River Dog SportsSalisbury NBPremium
September 22/23CKCMoncton Kennel ClubAmherst NSPremium
September 29/30AACEukanuba Performance GamesAriss ON
September 29/30UKIRed Line AgilityStellarton NSPremium
October 06/07AACUDSCTruro NSPremium
October 13/14AACCAANSLantz NSPremium
October 20/21UKIAtlantic Fall CupStellarton NSPremium
October 21Fun MatchPeck MeadowWolfville NSPremium
November 03/04AACFor the love of dogNew Dominion PEPremium
November 03/04UKIFor the love of dogNew Dominion PEPremium
November 18UKIRed Line AgilityAmherst NSPremium
December 08/09AACFetch Inc.Stellarton NSPremium
December 28Fun MatchSublimeMt Uniake NSTBD

Total Number of Trials Listed is 56

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